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Working at Triple A Consulting

Triple A Consulting is always looking out for new bright and flexible people who are willing to travel.

Please provide us with your resume as soon as possible if you think you are up to the job. It is going to be a challange but you will be greatly awarded for it.

Please send your CV to We are looking forward to hear from you!


We need You!   

Do you consider yourself to be the best of the best but humble enough not to say it out loud? Have you studied complex derivatives valuation or have a master's degree in math or physics? Are you furthermore a Microsoft Certified Application Developer in C# or have a score in C# over 4.0? Do you want to have great fun and work in a challenging environment that will make you rich?

You will preferably master C# remoting classes and furthermore be able to program and debug multi-threaded applications as well as reading Hull's Options, Futures and Other Derivatives without falling to sleep.

If you answer yes to the questions above we will be happy to receive your CV and try you out with some practical tests in both client and server programming of advanced derivatives valuation applications.




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