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Investor Relations

Triple A Consulting will during late 2005 and early 2006 raise capital for public listing. This in order to be able to raise capital for rapid growths during 2006 and 2007. 

The initial investments during 2004 have mostly been due to costs of setting up a new company and training of new consultants. The pay-off of this initial investment will come in the first quarter of 2005 when the expected growth in services fees will become rather substantial.

For information on financial progress of Triple A Consulting send an email to  

Triple A Consulting is a private company with a yearly turn-over exceeding half a million Swedish Crowns in first years of business. With a well established clientele of the largest retail and investment banks of the Nordic region we stand very well prepared for entering the more demanding U.K. market. The ambition of Triple A Consulting is to provide business and IT knowledge to the leading investment firms in the world during 2005. Triple A Consulting aims to become listed company during early 2006, an endeavour which will be well funded and based on the outcome of U.K. adventure. The investment in training and IT costs of setting up a new business will turn profitable during the first quarter of 2005. The ambition is to grow in a pace which can be handled initially without turning to risk capitalists. With blood, sweat and tears and a little bit of luck Triple A Consulting will make sure that 2005 will become the basis for substantial growth that is needed for our ambition of becoming public during 2006. CEO Triple A Consulting Peter Ankarlou

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