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Triple A Consulting has focus on delivering forefront software solutions for businesses operating in the area of financial risk management.

Triple A Consulting has for instance been working with SEB Merchant Banking's Risk Management division and Nordea Group Treasury's Group Funding unit providing cutting edge software solutions for financial risk management.

Furthermore consultants working within Triple A Consulting have vast experience in software implementation and are specially experienced in the area of new trading system implementations.

Consultants of Triple A Consulting have participated in the development of a market risk system for the Treasury department of the largest Scandinavian bank, Nordea AB. The solution was an n-tier client-server application residing on a Microsoft SQL Server database platform. The system was developed during a period of 3 years and comprised all asset classes traded by the Treasury department. The assignment meant developing an application that required a great deal of API’s to be programmed towards other systems, as well as required the design of a relational database on third normal form for a high transactional data environment. At SEB consultants of Triple A participated in a conversion of an application for aggregation of positions for parametric VaR calculations from an Access application to a relational database design in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. Triple A Consulting participated in the planning of the project, as well as in the execution and helped employees of SEB in writing Transact SQL and designing a third normal form relational database design for market risk management purposes. Stored procedures were written in T-SQL for SQL Server and in PL-SQL for ORACLE and ORACLE RDB. Profound knowledge of financial instruments was required. Furthermore a Web based interface for the application using ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET and Transact SQL was created by Triple A Consultants in close co-operation with the risk managers of SEB. C++ was used when programming an interface towards the Windows Task Scheduler enabling scheduling of web services, executable programs, stored procedures, ad hoc queries and DTS packages. Asynchronous calls for XML Web Services were used in order to avoid time-outs while executing time consuming operations from ASP.NET. Remoting was used to distribute calculations and query executions amongst servers.


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