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About Triple A Consulting

Triple A Consulting is able to provide customized business solutions for better information management. The founders of Triple A Consulting have experienced a demand for multiple competences that is currently not met by existing consultant firms. As shown in the figure to the right Triple A Consulting possess knowledge within System Design, Rational's Unified Processes (RUP) for software projects and Financial Markets, which is needed in order to provide the multiple competences required by the financial industry. The figure shows the core competence of Triple A Consulting outlined as the union of the circles. 

The consultants within Triple A have with their experience from design of systems for the financial markets using object oriented system design based on Rational's Unified Process (RUP) an edge compared to other management consulting firms. Within all modern software design regardless if it is a web application or windows forms, the common denominator is information management, i.e. database design, an area where Triple A Consulting has forefront knowledge.

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